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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 3, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good m good morning, america. matthew on the march. the powerful category 4 hurricane barreling through the caribbean with 130-mile-an-hour winds and life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides. thousands fleeing the coastlines. u.s. citizens told to leave. hundreds of military family members evacuated, as the storm tracks north toward the u.s. donald trump's taxes -- the leaked documents, showing he lost nearly a billion dollars in one year, are raising big questions. did trump avoid paying income tax for nearly two decades? his advisers now calling him a genius. critics say he's a tax dodger. as he ramps up the personal attacks on hillary clinton. >> i don't even think she's loyal to bill, if you wanna know the truth. >> with less than a week to their next debate, "saturday night live" takes aim at their first showdown.
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the important issues like rosie o'donnell. and how she's a fat loser. up in flames. two hot air balloons crashing into power lines, flames seen shooting out of the balloon, at one of the biggest shows in the world, with passengers on board. crews racing to cut them free. and breaking overnight, kim kardashian robbed at gunpoint. the reality star held up in a paris mansion by five gunmen pretending to be cops, stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry. >> i'm sorry. there's a family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> kanye west got the news in front of startled concertgoers. the investigation into the terrifying heist this morning. a and good morning, america. let's take a look at the scene in paris.
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kardashian was robbed at gun point by robbers disguised as police. police. he got the news and walked off the stage. hope they understand. >> they do now. first, we want to get to the major hurricane. the u.s. state department advising citizens to evacuate jamaica, haiti, and cuba, as hurricane matthew approaches. gio benitez son us in kingston, jamaica. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. we have been getting the outer bands from hurricane matthew. when those storms roll in, they're strong. they cause serious flooding. that's the fear here. this morning, roaring winds from the category 4 hurricane have the caribbean on high alert. ripping winds reaching 130 miles per hour overnight.
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200,000 dead. the storm could bring up to 40 inches of rainfall to haiti, triggering mudslides. and this storm has already killed at least one person. a 16-year-old on the island of st. vincent.
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strongest storms to hit the caribbean in years sflipt is bag one. let's get more on where matthew is headed now. ginger, going pretty slowly. >> very slow. north at 6 miles per hour. it's been over open ocean water all weekend. the next 24 hours are urgent. haiti, jamaica. the next 48 hours, parts of the caribbean, including the bahamas. no alerts yet for the united states. there's a reason. i'll explain it. right no watches, h watches, hurricane warnings and watches. i want to lay out exactly tat track looks like so you can see it at this point. the national hurricane center takes it wednesday into the southeastern bahamas. thursday, central bahamas. almost a week away as it parallels the united states. we went ahead and put this on sheer so you can see it thread through the islands. this is not good. it won't hit the friction of the
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this is the one that saves us. this front pushes and eventually, hopefully, will keep it away from, or very minimal impacts for us. outer banks by sunday. >> we're thinking about those on the islands. >> absolutely. that's the imminent threat. now to the race for the white house. 36 days until the election. the october surprise about donald trump and his taxes. "the new york times" saying they were mailed a document revealing trump has 1995, raising big questions. tom llamas is at trump tower. >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump has refused to release his tax returns, cites an audit. now, one of his returns is public. he's very upset about this because it's raising new questions. this morning, donald trump facing accusations he's a tax dodger. part of the billionaire's 1995
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billion dollar loss following the collapse of casinos, his airline, and the plaza hotel. his loss raising the possibility that, while following the law, he hasn't paid federal income tax in nearly two decades. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes. >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: trump's cap pain is not deanying the authenticity of saying trump is a highly skilled businessman who has a if i disturb area responsibility to his business, his fame lurks and his employees to pay no more tax than legally prooirpd adds he's paid hundreds of millions of dollars in a variety of tax. in 1994, trump sounded confident while facing a mountain of debt. >> i had $975 million worth of personal debt.
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i'll pay that off very quickly. >> reporter: it took years but trump did bounce back. something some of his allies are using one word to describe. >> my response is he's a genius. >> a genius? >> absolute genius. >> no one who has shown more genius in their way to maneuver around the tax code as he rightfully used the laws to do that. >> reporter: but trump himself has railed against the wealthy taking advantage of tax loopholes, possibly the same way a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no tax. it's unfair. >> we talk about the rigged system out there. donald trump embodies that. >> reporter: now, as trump is dealing with this tax story, the associated xpress out with an investigation citing former staffers and contestants on the apprentice accusing donald trump of sexual harassments.
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which were tigers in bed. the trump team denies these accusations. >> cecilia vega on the trail with clint fern the start. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. clinton has said she won't engage donald trump in his personal attacks. he's going after her health and her marriage. it may be a preview of what is to come in the next debate. donald trump's newest attack? a dramati hillary clinton's near collapse when she was sick with pneumonia. >> here's a woman, she's supposed to fight all of these things, she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. >> reporter: he's going after her mental health, too. >> she could be crazy. >> reporter: during a weekend rally in the battleground of pennsylvania. trump going after clinton's marriage, this time, not targeting her husband's
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>> i don't even think she's loyal to bill, you want to know the truth. and really, folks, really, why should she be, right? >> reporter: no comment from clinton during her sunday visit to a church in north carolina. her campaign calling trump's latest attacks particularly unhinged. could bit a trial run of what's to come during their next debate? the republican nominee hinting that things could get more personal. the last head to head, now fodder for the opening night of >> he is a bully. >> shut up. >> he started the birther movement. >> you did. >> he says climate change is a hoax invented by china. >> it's pronounced china. >> he hasn't released his tax returns which means he's either not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable? >> wrong.
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life. >> warmer. >> reporter: on the plane, clinton laughing about it with staff. told about this opening scene. >> i'm better than ever, let's do this. >> reporter: clinton saying, oh, that's good. this morning, a big endorsement from lebron james, the ohio native writing we need a president who brings us together and keeps us unifizzed. clinton campaigns in his hometown of akron later today. clinton hoping his endor pays off big. >> let's bring in matt dowd and jon karl. you saw rudy giuliani with he yesterday saying it's a sign of trump's genius. >> my definition of genius is different. it would be einstein. copernicus. it's like saying phil mickelson is a genius for hitting his ball in the water because he wants to
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he took tax consequences from a loss in order to save himself money. >> the problem for donald trump, one of them, jon, is that it comes as oath tend of this week where it started out with a debate performance that most observers thought hillary clinton won. he doubled down on the attack against alicia machado. time is running out. >> it's a colossal waiste of time. a full week wasted. he needs to gain ground op hillary clinton. in terms of the tax issue, the clinton campaign will go at fundamental fairness question, somebody that wealthy not paying taxes or allegedly not paying taxes. they want to ridicule him and imperaci imba im -- embarrass him for the size of that loss. they'll hit very hard. >> you saw hillary clinton get under donald trump's skin at the last debate when she talked
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his father. we have the vice presidential debate tomorrow. the next presidential debate sunday night. it's a town meeting debate. >> i think the vice presidential debate could be important. in mike pence does well, he could stop the bleeding from last week. i think this will be a much different dynamic for the presidential debate. you'll have an audience. you have to relate to them pip think it could bring out some of hillary's i'm very curious to see how donald trump relates directly to somebody standing in front of him. >> big questions right there. that presidential debate sunday night is right here on abc. our martha raddatz is one of the moderators. tomorrow night, i'll ageer our comp of the vice presidentable debate. now to the deadly train crash in new jersey. this morning, authorities trying to find way to recover a crucial
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the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. crews working around the clock to stabilize this train station so investigators can get into that front car. this, as we're hearing from the train's engineer, who says he was well rested the morning of the accident. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: overnight, setbacks in the search for answers about what caused this train to crash into a flat plath form thursday, killing one person, others. the train's engineer remembers the train operating properly before the crash, alledgedly pulling into the station at 10 miles an hour, there's a portion of time he cannot account for. >> the engineer says he has no memory of the accident. he remembers waking up on the floor of the cab. >> reporter: this, as the investigation is dealt another blow. >> we have a train that has gone through the station. >> reporter: officials learning one of the two event recorders
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of the accident. and they haven't been able to reach the second box or the train's camera, both trapped in this mangled mess of wreckage. >> right now, it's very dangerous to get in there. to see whether there was any application of brakes. >> reporter: this, as abc news has learned new jersey transit was under an audit by the federal federal railroad department. there were related to drug and alcohol use and almost $5 million in damage to tracks and equipment. the preliminary drug and alcohol tests for the train's engineer have come back negative. the ntsb is doing further tests. we go amy with the morning's other top stroirps starting with rising tensions in l.a. >> protests broke out in south los angeles for a second night following the police shooting of black teenager. a few dozen protesters turned
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a demonstration against the shooting of 18-year-old carnell snell. they say snell was armed. a second shooting in l.a. this week under investigation. a peace deal to end five decades of war has unexpectedly been rejected. critics claim the deal between the government and farc rebels was too lean innocent. 200,000 lives have been lost in that frightening moments at a festival in new mexico. when this hot air balloon trade offcourse, hitting a power line and sparking a fire. rescuers had to cut the basket from the balloon. 1200 nearby homes lost power. a close call at this car show in houston. as a mustang nearly crashes into the crowd lining the street. parents running to grab their children. it was not for that curb right there, you can see dozens of
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a family photo like you have never seen before. look at jimmy. the 1400-pound brown bear posing with his adoptive parents. they adopted him as a cub. they call him their gentle giant. i love what they add in the article. he's never intentionally take an nibble out of his parents. >> intentionally. okay. >> just little fun touch. >> very hap we move on to the bad behavior at the ryder cup. bag win for team america. the team's rowdy fans marched the victory with their heckling. rory mcilroy asked one rude spectator to be removed. >> reporter: the pomp, pageantry were at center stage. the american fans wound town hot seat. >> that's going to be good enough. >> reporter: for the first time
7:17 am
brought home the ryder cup. >> and the united states will begin a celebration that will ring into the night and beyond. >> reporter: the european team disappointed by the outcome. but taking issue with u.s. fans. for loudly heckling them at every turn. >> gary just got heckled and had to back off the putt. was not happy. >> you can't make 12! >> i think that 85% of the people are great. that 15% that is really it makes them look bad. >> all: america! america! >> reporter: the rowdy fans creating an atmosphere more reminiscent of "happy gilmore." >> you suck. >> why don't you shut the hell up. >> miss. miss. >> reporter: one fan had rory mcilroy see seeing red on the green. >> you suck. let's go america.
7:18 am
on camera. the golfer confronting him before asking security to though him out. it seemed to fire him up. after the win, rory said european fans should not retaliate at the 2018 cup. we saw a famous face blending into the crowd. see the guy there in the camo hat. that's bill murray. >> what? "caddyshack" star riling them up. >> that's fine. the rest were jerks. >> you give fans beer at 7:30 in the morning on the golf course, they're generally going say things they don't mean by 5:00 in the afternoon. let's go ginger. >> that hail in california. we'll talk more about matthew. select cities brought to you by
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looking pretty good throughout most of the day. showers and thunderstorms developing like yesterday. 4:00 to 7:00 potential is there for heavy downpours. the east wind collides with our sea breeze later today. keep that in mind. tomorrow and wednesday similar set up. both days in the upper 80s and the indirect effects thursday into friday with gusty winds. dry side of the storms clearing us out. in fact, by next weekend, plenty of sun and highs near
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in paris for fashion week is robbed at gun point. millions of dollars in jewelry stolen. kanye west cutting his concert short. the birth of nation getting big oscar buzz. the director under a cloud of suspicion about his past. he was acquitted of a rape 17 years ago. allegations resurfacing. nate parker joins us this morning. i tried hard i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq.
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ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. what's your body of proof? live from the station taking act for you. >> good morning everybody on this monday. if you're in penelus county heading to 275, you might want to leave early because we're seeing major delays. around gandy. you can still see emergency activity out there. the fire is out and the smoke seems to be out as well. we still have some lanes blocked here and slow getting in there. you can see the back upstarting all the way before you get to 62nd avenue. if you're trying to get to the howard franklin you want to take mlk or 4th street. u.s.19 depending on where you're coming from or going looking backed up this morning.
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75. we have a crash just when you pass state road 70 seeing a good back up here. leave yourself extra time. ivan is back with your forecast
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good morning. mid-70s. like yesterday we'll spend most of the day with sunshine. and then afternoon storms get us. just like yesterday were available. temperatures in the rest of the tampa bay area and low to middle 70s. back to the 80s this afternoon. watch showers and storms, early start here for the east coast. in fact, that's now gliding in and eventually into polk county as well as we continue to flow north and north east. 130-mile an hour winds still churning in the caribbean moving slowly north. those heavy rains are impacting and the tract
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days an for us, indirect impacts. the cone still wide. too wide. we'll keep you posted when that changes. rain chances still up. upper 80s for the middle part
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than the competition. no wonder it's the #1 doctor recommended fiber brand. welcome welcome back to "gma." all eyes on hurricane matthew right now, churning in the caribbean. with 130-mile-an-hour winds. thousands are fleeing the coastlines of haiti, gentleman make carriages and cuba on alert. we're live on the scene. morning. many of us spent time in haiti after the earthquake some time ago. still so many in tents. to know that a storm of that magnitude is heading that way, frightening. an i vest gags under way many paris after kim kardashian was robbed in her apartment. donald trump tax returns, some of them released.
7:31 am
republican nominee avoided paying income taxes for nearly two decades. i imagine a lot of people were watching "snl" on saturday. >> i did. >> alec baldwin as donald trump taking on kate mckinnon as in hillary clinton. do those influence voters? kim kardashian west robbed at gunpoint in paris. her hus concert in the middle of a song when he got word. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is the building where kardashian was staying. right here in the center of paris. the thieves making their way inside and up to the apartment, seemingly with little problem and heading out with millions of dollars worth of her joules. overnight, a source told and five gunmen dressed as police
7:32 am
kardashian's paris apartment at 2:30 a.m. local time. she was reportedly tied up and locked in the bathroom as the robbers fled with around $10 million of jewelry, including a ring worth $4.5 million. these photos show her barding a plane to leave paris a few hours later. kim was in paris for fashion week. posting on social media from various fashion shows and apts. paris police and medics seen investigating the crime seen last night. kim's sister, kendall, seen leaving with police protection. news making its way to kim's husband, kanye west. he abruptly stopped his show. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. there's a family emergency, i have to stop the show. >> what? >> reporter: as for kardashian west, the social media superstar has been silent about the ordeal on her social network.
7:33 am
but fizzily unharmed. so far, no suspects have been arrested. police will be going through all of the tape from all of the cameras around here. this is yet another blow to the city of paris. so much so that just moments ago, the mayor of paris put out a statement calling this a very rare act and saying that kardashian will always be welcome many paris. george? robin? >> thank you, alex. we nuwave on to a new twist in the alleged murde plot. police in florida arresting a single mom. accusing her of arranging the murder of a prominent law professor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. authorities portray katherine mag b mag b magbanua as a femme fatale. an ungly war of the roses type
7:34 am
this morning, katherine magbanua is facing a first degree murder charge for the slaying of professor dan markel. police say markel was gunned down in 2014 as part of an elaborate murder for hire plot orchestrated by the wealthy family of his ex-wife, wendied ale -- wendi adelson. sigfredo sigfredo garcia is the father of magban magbanua's two children. and police say magbanua was the girlfriend of charlie adelson. did he have anything to do with the murder? >> no. he's been looked at because he had a dating relationship with katherine. >> reporter: the motive?
7:35 am
wendi and her two children to move closer to them in florida. >> the reason for this homicide was due to the bitter divorce that was ongoing. >> reporter: an arrest affidavit claims magbanua made cash deposits totalling about $50,000 in the months after markel was killed. she was also compensated with breast augmentation surgery three months after the murder. and an informant charles adelson picked up half the tab. the attorney for magbanua says they want her on bond so she can take care of hern. in this elabor in this elaborate sting, that undercover agent is trying to draw out the adelson's by posing as the brother of one of the hitmen. >> she has the paper.
7:36 am
between the eliteson's and magbanua and magbanua and one of the alleged hitmen. an attorney says her arrest smacks of desperation. the trials for the two alleged hitmen are scheduled to come in the next few weeks. authorities are trying to flip them, hoping they'll testify against the adelsons. robin? >> all right, joining us legal analyst dan abrams. let's take a breath here. kit be so confusing. what do you make of the new arrest and charges? >> the allegation, the theory is for the prosecution is family wants guy dead. family reaches out to the woman who was just charged. she finds hitmen. and they then kill markel. okay, the problem is that the woman who is now charge sid effectively the middle person, right?
7:37 am
now the middle person who is charged. but you don't have the people who the authorities seem to think initiated this whole thing charged. if someone in the adelson family is hiring a hitman and paying her to do it, well then, of course, they're going to charge that person. except no one in the adelson family has been charged. >> what evidence do they have against this woman? >> this financial -- >> the cell phone. >> the cell phone records. she does have these connecti she -- the sorry, so confusing. the parent of her two children is the hitman. right? and she was having an alleged relationship with the adelson. and so you got, they believe, a lot of evidence connecting her to both sides in this. but again, without that connection to adelson, which the prosecutors believe is the reason this happened, the theory that i've got believe, this
7:38 am
said. they're trying to turn the screws on the hitmen, to get him or the adelson's to turn here. right? >> right? >> hard to keep up. but need to. thank you. >> not the last we're going to hear about this one. coming up here, the fire storm around the new film, "birth of nation." robin's interview in the next hour. and big news from facebook. could change the way we all shop online. you'
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time time now for the big board. t.j. right here feeling chipper this monday morning. >> i don't know why. what's going on with me on a monday. let's do this. >> you hang on. want to start with becky worley. you have news breaking from facebook.
7:41 am
>> facebook telling abc news starting today users will be able to buy and sell from each other within the facebook app. you'll see a shop icon. you see items listed in your area. or across the world. this bites into all kinds of ecommerce giants. businesses. one thing facebook won't be doing. handling the payment side of transactions. th the service to decide on. you can use paypal. even this other amazing payment mode, cash or check. >> i remember that, becky. you know with any kind of website like this where buying and sell ring involved, there's concern about fraud. what is facebook doing about that? >> because you can check someone's profile, it gives you real-world context on the person. you can feel safe, or not, about
7:42 am
complaint if you gate fake or it's not as described. if they see a pattern, that seller can be banned from the marketplace. i don't know. would you feel more comfortable buying from a friend of a friend on facebook or someone on ebay with a five-star gold rating? >> that's a good question. people will scratch their heads over it. every time i pay with cash these days, people are like, what's that about? now to a new battle over high school dances. "the wall s highlighting schools that are banning them because of concerns about underage drinking and drug use. a lot of pint p opportunities and parents don't like this. t.j., what is the going on here? >> this ain't "footloose." no one was trying to keep him from dancing because they thought he would show up to the prom drunk. that's what we're talking about here. a school outside of boston said it's not worth the headache. kids are showing up falling all over the dance floor. throwing up.
7:43 am
>> they're saying, what's the point? even though underage drinking has gone down, binge drinking is more common. kids don't dance as often. back in the day, we had prom. they have the spring fling, the fall dance, the senior, junior, sophomore dance. >> the school is taking matters into its own hands. but people are saying it's up to the parents first. >> you talked about liability. suppose drunk at the school, hurts himself, somebody else, the the school could be liable. people are look at this like you're throwing out the baby with the bath water. you have a couple of bad ams. overwhelmingly, the kids are good. good. you have responsibility at home that they're not showing up drunk. >> all right, t.j. let's lathsen it up. a little more "saturday night
7:44 am
mckinnon taking on that debate. >> my microphone is broken. she broke it. with obama. she and owe what stole my microphone. they took it to kenya and they broke it. and now it's broken. not >> not a response more a request, can america vote right now? >> let's talk to chris connelly right now. big hit for premier ratings in eight years. what did you think? >> alec is one of the two most talented noncast members in the history of "snl." along with steve martin. he had the inon the nation. the look. the lines. you could say it was broad. but that was part of the job description. he was there to set up kate mckinnon's amazingly nuanced take of hillary.
7:45 am
and the inner hillary at the same time. the initial performance. strong. >> we haven't had this reaction since tina fey with sarah palin. and sarah palin's numbers dropped after what tina fey did. i think about 16% in 2008. what kind of impact do you anticipate? will there be in? >> there will be none. parody and dead away in the face of reality. there's no way you can satirize or parody what has gone on. >> you just lit chris up with that question. >> how often have we been saying, this is like an "snl" skit? what we're seeing happening on the trail. >> it's amazing to witness. you saw last -- in that debate sketch. they made a joke on hillary with the miss universe thing.
7:46 am
that was a wink of the show. saying the job that used the be done by comedy to get torpid skin of candidates is now being done by the candidates themselves. that's one of the way this is is different than anything we have seen before. >> a parody-proof election. >> chris, thank you. becky. t.j. and the emotional good-bye from a sports legend, vin scully. and breast cancer breakthrough. angelina jolie's doctor i with new recommendations and
7:47 am
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when cold when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets. we're back with one last call for vin scully after 67 seasons and more than 9,000 games. the hall of fame broad caer signed off as the voice of the los angeles dodge as sunday. scully began his career calling games for the brooklyn dodgers back in 1950. he maintained his eloquence through the years, through his
7:49 am
>> i have said enough for a lifetime. and for the last time, i wish you all a very pleasant good afternoon. you and i have been friends for a long time. but i know in my heart that i have always needed you more than you have ever needed me. and i'll miss our time together more than i can say. >> a humble to to very end. scully is 88 years young. he looks amazing. fans saying they are going to mishim, perhaps more than miss them. devotion, his humor, sense of grace. one of the most memorable calls he made was in 1965, the famous perfect game pitched by sandy koufax against the cubs. he called the 1956 world series. it's incredible. "the l.a. times" wrote, seriously, he's only 88. why does he have to leave now? >> a perfect three-hour game seamlessly. >> sharp. didn't miss anything. >> that voice is like a warm
7:50 am
dodgers and not hear that voice. coming up next in our next hour, the birth of a nation star and director under a cloud of controversy. nate park sir here live this morning. that was invigorating! you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger. well, the answer is that a real one would maul me. i've crafted dr. whiskers here as a visual aid to show you that should you visit the lot, carmax associates will not pounce like tigers come here to buy a car. dr. whiskers won't pounce. nobody will. ? ? hi. hola. let's see... you're back! they're back! ? so glad you've come back. we love to see you so. ? ? you've come for your favorite dish - enchiladas & tacos. ?
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ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. back back here on "gma," i wanted to spend a little time on those spaghetti computer plots. here's what's happening. the threat through cuba, haiti, bahamas through today until about thursday. then, any impact to the united states friday through sunday. loanings like it stays parallel to the coast. meaning rip currents. you could see high surf. late weekend we'll watch the potential for outer banks
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
. good morning everybody. we are still seeing some slowdowns on 275 through. we had a car fire earlier this morning. that's moving out of the way but we're seeing delays left over from that. that is right at gandy in the northbound lanes. we're hope to go see relief since the cars have moved out of the way. we are seeing major backups on i-75 southbound. we have a crash that just passed state road 70 and the backup extends all the way to elington. your drive on i-4, pretty slow. 40 minutes from county line
7:57 am
good morning. we're looking at veterans memorial highway. traffic eastbound getting heavy. southbound veterans, not so bad as it merges with 275. keep it safe out there. now to weather. i'll take it from here and update on hurricane matthew. moving slowly to the north. look at these clusters of thunderstorms associated with matthew, and that means the heavy rain has commenced across haiti, and of course we have the storm headed up to the north, so we'll have wind on top of what's already happening which is the heavy rain. the track hasn't changed. we'll get a new update at 11:00. this is the latest thinking here. by the time we get into thursday and friday, for us there will be gusty winds but on the drier side of matthew. that is if this verifies.
7:58 am
thinking. look at the cone. if it moves further to the west, we'll have impacts. for us, in the upper 70s. what have to deal with the tropical moisture. i think we'll see storms firing to our north and east. more on the way for the
7:59 am
8:00 am
good mo good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. hurricane matthew on the move. the category 4 storm tracking north. powerful winds at 130 miles an hour. we're live on the scene. "the birth of nation" early os controversy. the director and star under fire over 17-year-old rape allegations. he was acquitted. says he has no reason to apologize. this morning, nate parker live. one on one. breast cancer breckthroughs. how you can reduce your risk. angelina angelina jolie's special eighth dr. kristi funk joins up.
8:01 am
nicholas sparks joins us live. love is in the air. >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. a lot of nicholas sparks fans here this morning. "the notebook." >> it will be a couple tissue kind of morning. it is also breast cancer awareness month. this morning, angelina jolie's doctor is here talking about a disease is treated. always great to have dr. funk with us. >> that is coming up. let's get the morning rundown from amy. good morning, parch a big story this morning, hurricane matthew. millions of people bracing for cat fro catastrophic flooding. the storm could dump more than three feet of rain. more than 1300 emergency
8:02 am
have been living in makeshift tents since the 2010 earthquake. on cuba, hundreds of families have eh quack waited the navy base there on guantanamo bay. in the meantime, donald trump's campaign is denying new allegations of sexism stepping from his days on the apprentice. former insirsd tell the associated press trump rated female contestants on the size of their breasts and sleep with. meanwhile, his supporters are calling him a hillary clin hillary clinton says trump has gotten rich at the expense of others. another setback in the investigation of the train crash in new jersey last week. one of the train's data recorders was not working. the other record sir still trapped in the wreckage.
8:03 am
remember the crash but was going only 15 miles per hour heading into the station. kim kardashian is heading home from paris. masked men tied her up, locked her in the bathroom, and stole $10 million of jewelry. she's said to be shaken, but not harmed. a quick headline about one of our own. robin was honored at the point honors gala issues. lisa vanderpump presented the award. and then look who she ran into. michael tweeted out the photo. congratulations, robin. >> thank you. we were heading out. michael had been playing golf. he was like -- he didn't want to be around us. he's sheepish like this. >> he does look very -- >> thank you for mentioning the awards ceremony.
8:04 am
these students who live their truth and are absolutely courageous. it was a great night. and then we went to pump afterwards. it was good times. we didn't make "pop news." >> well, you could have led. you could have led. that dress was spectacular. congratulations. >> thank you. we begin with lady ga go in "pop news" this morning. she's trading sold out arenas for intimate venues. she's calling it a dive bar tour. she'll perform songs from "joann." she's saying, i can't wait to sing my new songs from my album, joanne, for you on my dive bar tour. october 5th, 20th, 27th. no idea where. >> not even cities? >> no, just three days only. a lot of little monsters knowing that. we'll keep you posted. not to worry, if you can't make
8:05 am
the first performance will live stream on budweiser's feed. >> don't worry if you can't get there. the streaming it and seeing it. >> she'll be performing at the halftime of super bowl li. >> you saw that coming. >> the national anthem. >> she nailed it. john krasinski is table read table read of goodwill hunting. he's casting his wife. they'll work together for the first time. i'm casting this live read new york of goodwill hunting. ran into this girl on the train and thought, yeah, time to work together. the golden globe winning actress will taken to role of schooler. originally played by minnie driver. that live table read is set for october 7th here in new york city. >> we had that movie on yesterday afternoon around the house.
8:06 am
>> so well done. >> do you like apples? i got a number. how about them apples. how you to like them's pals? it's one of my favorite movies of all time. wicked smart. i'm not going to be at the reading, by the way. >> but he is auditioning. >> i don't think they have finished casting, by the way. this is your moment, jesse. >> great, i could be one of the janitors. terrific. finally, "saturday night weekend. it was the brain child of the woman who brought sara pail on the "snl." lorne michaels admitted it was tina fey that suggested alec for the part. alec hesitated. he was nervous. and clearly for no reason. >> he is a bully. >> shut up. >> he started the birther movement. >> you did. >> he says climate change is a hoax invent bid china.
8:07 am
>> that doesn't get old. >> kate mckinnon said it went exactly as she dream tepid 16-time host, by the way, that's a record for alec, more hosting than anybody else. helps get the show the biggest ratings since 2008. >> he has to come back at least one more time. >> i think he's there for the long haul, until the election. it had nothing to do with darryl. change is good. >> coming breakthroughs. dr. funk is here. and "the birth of a nation's" nate parker is is here talking about the new movie and much more. more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty
8:08 am
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8:11 am
are they contagious? i don't think so. contract the rainbow! taste the rainbow! back back now, with "the birth of nation. "the film that premarred at sundance to rave reviews.
8:12 am
parker. a sexual assault case from his past resurfaced in august. first, ryan smith has the story. >> sing to them a new song! ? and we'll rise up ? >> reporter: a gripping account of an often untold story. >> you learned your lessen, boy? >> oh, gentlemen, sir, i learned. >> reporter: giving new light to the slave rebellion. the 48-hour battle that would revolt in u.s. history. early oscar buzz overshadowed by controversy, after details from a 1999 rape caser merged involving the film's star, writer, and director, nate parker. >> one side is going to be here. >> reporter: in his sophomore year, parker and his roommate were charge rid raping an 18-year-old freshman.
8:13 am
c c concentual. both men in the spot light when it was revealed their accuser committed suicide. parker took to facebook writing he was filled with pro found sorrow over her death, but maintaining his innocence. now, his accuser's sister is speaking out too. saying in gnaw article that it tormented my sister to see him thrive while she was still struggli >> reporter: with the film set to hit theaters friday, parker is hoping to turn the focus back on the big antibet. >> >> and "the birth of a nation's" nate parker joins us. how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you. >> i couldn't help but notice.
8:14 am
of course. but this is a very difficult but necessary conversation for a lot of people. >> mm-hmm. >> your reaction to those allegations of years ago. that they just don't feel the empathy. they don't feel that you have any remorse. >> whoa are we talking about? >> we're talking about what happened in 1999 with the woman who is now deceased, who took her own life. and her family and others feel that -- in seeing your since it has resurfaced, do you have any remorse or apologize for what happened? >> we -- i was on "60 minutes" last night. we talked about it. three days out. this is not about me. the story of gnat turner, as an american, american people, to know the story about man who was raced from history. that is, at some point, i think that that's where our focus should be. especially now. so many things are happening in america.
8:15 am
about, america the story of america. the real story of america that has been so shifted and pushed aside with revisionist history. i think this is a film that they should see. >> a lot of people who want to hear from you. to be able to say, okay, are they going to see it or not. it can't really be -- i'm sorry. it can't just be dismissed. it has to be addressed. >> of course. of course. >> you have a daughter in college. this is a conversation going on. what do you t >> you know, anything i say to my daughter in love is in private. she knows how i feel about her. and i have addressed it so many -- so many times. did you see the "60 minutes" last night? >> i did. >> i addressed it with anderson. that was the focus of that segment. um, you know, but -- three days out, at some point, you know, i have talked about. i keep talking about it.
8:16 am
apologize? >> i talked about that last night. >> not everybody saw last night. this is this morning. >> i'm not going to go right there, go through -- and i've said it. i said it last night. i was falsely accused. you know, i was proven innocent. i'm not going apologize for that. i feel terribly about that situation. but -- at some point, you know, we have to -- ask ourselves, like, why are we -- is this a film that is important to us? and i? the fact that, to face injustice every day in the country. and to be inundaintyed with it on the news with injustice, injustice. how do we handle it? how do we approach it? >> seven years of your life. >> this is my eighth. >> what was it? i have to admit, i never really heard the story. many of us kind of -- you kind of heard bits and pieces. not this point. why was it so important.
8:17 am
career on hold. >> it's important. this is -- being a black man in america and growing up with certain systemic crisis, you ask yourself, what can i do? nina said the artist's job is to reflect the times. i used my art to deal with the thing is see every day with hope it can create a solution. as we know, the back man have been killed. in america. and we have become desinensitizd happening. i thing patriotism is about wanting to see america better. >> i want to show a bit here. he was a preacher. >> that's right. >> this was a very powerful moment in the film. when he battled scripture with scripture. take a look. "birth of nation." >> servants to be obedient to their masters and to please them well in all things. not answer again. >> you were bought with a price.
8:18 am
>> he that shall blaspheme against the holly ghost shall never have forgiveness. >> be wear of false prophets -- >> you >> you can find almost anything you want to advance your cause like that in the bible. >> a tool is a tool. some people have used the bible historically for the tool of keeping people in bondage. some people use it for liberation. that's what nat turner did. >> i didn't realize what it led to. it's powerful at the end. i don't want to give away. what do you want people to walk away from the film knowing and feeling? >> i want them to ask themselves are there systemic things that are happening now that need attention? if they do, what can we do with our own occupations to deal with them? there's a lot of talk around the things that need to be
8:19 am
specific in addressing these issues of semiic crisis in the country. whether it's against people of color, people in the lgbt community. so many people day to day are facing the things that are happening in america in the same way there were systemic crisis back then. >> it's a poorful film to say the least. the cast is amazing. we'll have many of them here. you did not have to come out members do it. we appreciate you coming and discussing this. >> of course. coming up, the latest in the battle against breast cancer. impressive linda. it seems age isn't slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox. i could surface anytime as a painful, blistering rash.
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8:23 am
welco welcome back to "gma." the national hurricane center just put out their update. not a whole lot has changed. hurricane matthew, still a category 4. we still we giving a close eye on
8:24 am
possibility of 4 pm and 7 pm. but along the coast as we take you into the evening hours we have the potential for heaviest of the rainfall. the three day forecast will show plenty of thunderstorm activity and we will begin to try out and get gusty winds on thursday or friday. month. and i am a breast cancer . survivor and thriver. and so is robin. this year, unfaunal natalie more there are new advances in preventing it and treating angelina jolie's doctor, dr. kristi funk joins us. three years ago when i was diagnosed. i had genomic testing. an anca type. things have advanced so much. tell us about it. >> mind act was just published
8:25 am
medicine a few weeks ago. this looked at 6700 breast cancer patients. any operative tumor size and three or less lymph nodes affected were eligible. they look at 70 tumor markers to look at the biology. somewhat the tendency for it to come back to a met static place. >> it's >> we can manage it. but it's incurable. versus age, tumor size, tumor growth. things we say, i think you should do the chemo. so they were high or low risks. if both tests were high, high, you need kchemo. if they were low, low, you don't. this is mellow, don't do chemo. the clinicians would look and
8:26 am
chemo. 1550 women randomized. followed five to nine years out. there was no statistically significant difference. >> and so less treatment for some women. that has a huge impact. i want to point out, because just very quickly. i want you to hit this hard. i've been very vocal about when women should get mammograms and how often. confusing and dangerous headlines out there. >> very dangerous. this is my advice. begin an newel normal risk women at age 40. you don't skip, you don't stop until your life expectancy is less than five years to go. >> a few things to take? >> three cups of green tea a day. folate. 60 micro grams a day.
8:27 am
good morning. we are finally starting to see some improvement on i-275 the county. car fire was causing the delays. these of the northbound lanes right here. they are getting by five. we have a new crash to you about. this is in tampa. loan avenue is not due to a crash. they are asking you to use an alternate route. we are still seeing delays southbound on i-75. take a look at the back up. it extends all the way to
8:28 am
they will likely have it moved on to decide now. this is residual delays. you might want to try 301. that is moving a little quicker by now. and the veterans, 20 minutes. gorgeous out here. we'll take you down to jacksonville. there philly some impact that's right they are feeling some impact from matthew. for us, mid to upper 70s, plenty of sunshine. what you are seeing throughout your window is what we will get through most of the day. we will get the effects of the east wind. look at the cluster going there.
8:29 am
migrating towards the west. later this afternoon and into the evening the hit a high of 87 . high temperatures the next couple of days. when chances of 50%. trying out in turning breezy on
8:30 am
[ cheers and [ cheers and applause ] how about this happy monday crowd here. at "gma." there they are. we have a great half hour ahead. one of my favorite comedians, actress, writer, prod superstar mindy kaling is here. let's get her out here. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi, how are you? great to see you. hi, how is it going? thank you, hi, hi. how are you? so good to see you. hi, guys. good morning. >> this is your first time here since we had the audience. >> yeah, this is amazing. i feel like i'm on a reality show. >> you actually are.
8:31 am
>> get us started. what do you got? >> we have something to talk about. we're going to talk about small talk. who talks to your barista, the cab driver, the person waiting in line next to you. any of you? oh, a lot of you. they apparently are real benefits to small talk. it lifts up your day. makes you more positive. makes you happier. one researcher suggests that a tip called the 10-5 rule. when you're ten feet away, you're laughing. that's uncomfortable for you? >> i know where this is going. >> if you're five feet away, say hello. it builds empathy? >> as opposed toing look at the bird in the tree. >> or your phone. it humanizes us. you cross over a divide. you to strike up conversations with people?
8:32 am
talk was normal. >> you mean canada where everyone is nice? >> there's only 19 of us in the world. so we're superunderpop lated. you're always sayi iing hi. i ride the elevator in the building i live in. you see the same people all the time. >> you look at the floor. >> you're trying to find a way not to talk to everybody. >> jesse, that is so rude. >> who wouldn't want to have small talk with you. you're the dream small talk person. it's >> i think girls think i'm trying to pick them up if i say hi, great weather today. >> nothing wrong with that. >> it doesn't work for me. i'm shy, guys, i'm a libra. beggars can't be choosers, lara. >> it goes counterintuitive to what you teach your kids. it sounds like something more people should do if eh we would all make eye contact.
8:33 am
i think we're distrustful. someone starts talking to owe, you, you're like, what do you want from me? >> do you get the same question every time? >> most people think hay just went to school with me. they're like, were you in my class? there's such a fine line. i'm one of those people on the planes that i love chatting nto the person next to me. everybody hates that. i love that small talk is on the way up. >> it's the inthing. >> >> the small talker on the plane is worst. you know. sorry. >> see? see? >> that's like head phones. >> i'm like, where are you going, what made you go there? >> rachel, if you're out there i made great friend on a flight once. we still meet for lunch once a year. >> wow. >> impressive. >> we shared a flea market. it was on from there. why not? row have five hours. i mean, you don't have to -- i
8:34 am
headphones on. you're like, mh. >> take the nap. >> everyone is looking at me like -- >> i'm with you. i'm that way, too. >> welcome back. >> thank you. great to be here. >> mindy project. i can't believe you'res have the 100th episode. i feel like i with us there at the beginning of your career. ali and i saw mat and ben when you played ben affleck. >> i played very, very off, off, broadway play. >> tell us about the new season. >> it's fantastic. i'm in a love triangle. it's great when cow write that for your own character. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. we had this amazing cliff hanger last year. the name of the episode is decision 2016. for this character, it's the big decision of the year. she's sort of tone deaf to the
8:35 am
we have a supersized episode tomorrow night. >> we have a little bit of it. let's show it. >> everyone, just relax. i didn't know that danny was engaged when i slept with him. >> very disappointed in you. >> i would never hook up to dr. c. i would hug him all night. kiss that lit pal forehetle for. oh, what a time we would have. >> cow didn't have to say that. >> so, you use your same name, obviously, on very different. you also apparently use an alias in real life? >> so, we had -- i did not assign this. i don't think i'm, you hear about selects that go to hotels and give a fake name because they're so famous. when we order lunch, they started doing this thing where we order all these lunches and they know it's going to the mindy project. so they write names on etch's lunches. they started using the name
8:36 am
they didn't want them to spit in my food. which i thought was a good idea. now i have to change it. i thought peggy was an old-fashioned nice name to pick for me. >> very mad men. >> and not a person whose food s you want to spit into. >> what is it like being in the writer's room to write for wrours? >> i came from "the office." this amazing show. on that week. on this one, it's just dreaming up all these situations where i'm like in a love triangle with two handsome men. it's nice. it's fun. >> what kind of boss are you? >> i am -- i mean, every boss, i think wants to think of themselves as a good boss. you're like, oh, that's what michael scott said on "the office." i realized, this is the one office environment where no one
8:37 am
i'm like, oh, they do. just when i'm not around. we go to vegas once a year on a retreat. >> that's really nice. >> that's a retreat? >> yeah, it is. have you not done vegas together? you should. >> we don't talk about what goes on in vegas. >> okay, oh, i see. >> you voice three animated characters from inside out, wreck it ralph and despicable me. what represents you the most? >> from inside-out. >> oh, no. >> yes. [ applause ] we have the same hair cut. >> was that disgust? >> it's disgust. >> what disgusts you? >> what disgusts me? >> people talking to you on airplanes. >> i'm a big chatter on airplanes. what disgusts me in general? i don't know. you hear about certain places where they don't allow girls to go to school. i tepid to get serious.
8:38 am
drain. >> oh, yeah. that's disgusting. >> on a more superficial level. >> you gotta tell us about the project with emma thompson. a cross of devil wears prada and broadcast news. >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] aye basically made my career by being like -- i don't wait around for people to write something for me and cast me in something. because i don't look actresses. i thought, i law emthat thompson. i want to see more of her. i wrote her this part in a movie. i sent it to her thinking, i'll never hear from her. she re me and said, i love this, let's do this. >> so great. >> so cool. >> thank you. i'm really excited about it. it's about a talk show host. i should come back and do some research. >> any time. >> research right here. >> we would love that. when can we expect that?
8:39 am
day for the next three months. >> when is the movie coming out? we're going to talk about our favorite couples. are you down. we're going to move on to this is people think spring is the time for love. we say no, it's all about getting warm and cozy? front of a fire. there's a new article. jesse, do joe have a favorite movie couple? >> yeah. frank and claire underwood from "house of >> they're evil. >> it's a weird dynamic. that was such a strange relationship. i had never seen anything close to it in any tv show, movie. >> you're dark today. >> yeah, you are. >> very uncanadian of you. >> he's edgier than i thought he was. >> i love butter cup and wesley from "princess bride." they were my favorite. as you wish. >> they're very good.
8:40 am
leia. >> and george? an audience member? >> coming up. a gentlemen there who looks like he has a way with words. [ cheers and a [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm nicholas sparks. i wonder what you think about ryan and rachel from "the notebook." >> thumbs up. [ applause ] >> whoa. that's cool. hi, nicholas sparks. >> good to see you. >> she really is going to come back every day. >> i know. nicholas sparks hangs out here sometimes. >> we're going to have more with nicholas. you never know who might pop up, mindy. the new season sombre mears tomorrow on hulu. and your book is now out in paperback. nicholas sparks in just a
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
and and back here on "gma," my friends from maryland left their brothers at home. next time. next time they get to come. we have to bring you this. an exclusive "dancing with the stars" announcement. you're getting the first look at the "dancing with the stars" live we came to dance tourposte. it features some of your
8:44 am
sharna, artem, and >> that >> that weather brought to you by mazda. we have a lot of people skipping school. but olivia is 16. so it's worth it. lara? jess? >> maybe. we're here with nicholas sparks who showed up in our audience. you're listening right now to -- hold on, do we have the exclusive sound track to -- his new book. exclusively for us. "two by two" is the brand-new book. i love the idea of mixing music
8:45 am
thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. how much fun have we had. >> it's the 20th anniversary of "the notebook." one of the most famous stories in the 21st century. thank you for being here. and asking eh questions of mindy. >> that was fun, right? >> i want to fill everyone in on the new book. "two by two." that of a divorced dad. how did it come to be? >> it was inspiration. it starting with this guy and life happens and he -- you know, he quits his job and this -- he eventually becomes mr. mom. he's got in great 5-year-old daughter. but he realizes he's kind of clueless. he's the kind of guy who was, until this point, a little nervous if he had to spend a whole day alone, what you to do with your kid? it's his growth as father. the big theme of the book is,
8:46 am
through the challenges of life, it's best to have someone by your side. a sister, a parent, a friend, a lover, your child. >> you're back on the dating scene. is it tricky? do people you date expect you to be the romantic? ryan gosling. do they expect you to be that romantic character you invoke and create? >> i suppose we'll find out. i've been busy in the last year. had to finish the novel. i haven't been dating that much. i have five they're my priority. >> a romantic writer with five kids. >> perfect date night for you? >> oh, you know, what i think it is. this is true for anybody. if you're going to go on a date, make sure that you do something that's going to be fun no matter what. that way if the date doesn't work out, you still have fun. you know, with whether your thing is museum. go to a game. go to a -- a show. you know, some opening,
8:47 am
a great time. >> inclued wine. >> wine is always good. >> first date, 50th date. and so for "the notebook." incredible. the anniversary. a "new york times" best sperm best seller for a year. inspired the move we are ryan gosling and rachel mcadams. it is amazing to you that it's been 20 years? >> it is. i still remember writing that novel. i was selling pharmaceuticals at the time. coming home, i'm working in the day. we had a young child, he was up all night. so kathy was going to bed early. i would go and sit and say, boy, i got this story. don't know if anyone is going to like it. fingers crossed that it will get published one day. but no, that will never happen. it was like that. all of this has been quite the journey. >> that's awesome. >> i've been very fortunate. i have had readers follow me all
8:48 am
i would imagine you have an interesting perspective on love big picture. you've been wrying for decades. somewhat the key the a good relationship? >> knowing who you're with and doing what you can for the other. hopefully, they do what they can for you. and with that said, of course, you know, i'm a novelist. i write fiction, right? >> i'm hanging on your every word. >> here we are, right? >> i want my own story. >> it's the feeling this person will always be there. there's something underlying. >> what do you want people to walk away with from your new book? >> if there's any lesson at all. i generally don't write for lessons. i want them to enjoy the novel and say, wow, that was worth my time. if there is a lesson, reflect on those people in your life that mean the most to you.
8:49 am
struggle or are joys, there's someone by your side with whom to share that moment. i think that's important. again, it doesn't have to be the same person all the time. a brother, a parent, a sister, a friend. >> it's a great message. all right. don't go anywhere. >> i'm not. "two by two" is available tomorrow. when we come back, we have a special surprise with nicholas sparks.
8:50 am
8:51 am
we're back with author nicholas sparks and, an audience filled with superfans who have questions for the best-selling author. >> are you ready for this? we've got christina back here who has a really difficult question for you. >> hi, nicholas. i'm christina.
8:52 am
you draw inspiration from for your characters? >> a little bit from everywhere. people i know. my own experiences. exporp when experiences people have shared with me. you start with an idea for a character. little by little, it comes to life as your search for their specific voice. it's usually a mishmash of various people i have known in my life. >> a mishmash. >> a mishmash. you like that? >> i do. it sounds very really quick. twitter question. this is from linda. she asks, what was your favorite movie to see go from book to movie? >> you know, i've ban lot. i have 11 of them. probably "a walk to remember." right? [ cheers and applause ] it was such a -- very low budget. it was so innocent and fun and my oldest son ended up having a scene in the movie. and it was -- it was exciting. so that was a lot of fun.
8:53 am
remember. because we have a surprise for the audience. all of you guys, big nicholas sparks fans? every single person is getting a
8:54 am
8:55 am
this this we hello to
8:56 am
sarah jessica parker talking divorce, her new show, that is. and ben. big big thank you to nicholas sparks. thanks for coming in. it's called "two by two."
8:57 am
good morning everyone we are watching this crash in tampa. right at rhone avenue. they are asking you to use an alternate route what they try to figure out what happened here with this crash and moving on to the side. in the meantime you can use armenia or havana. we have been watching this crash in manatee just passed 70 just passed 74 to ellington. because of enough time to make your way south if you're heading down to manatee sarasota this morning. take a look at the howard franklin. this is where it gets bottlenecked when you head into tampa. he looking at about 11 minutes. this is to 75. is clearing up nicely.
8:58 am
it looks nice outside. clwater. the storms will be favoring the beaches and that's what they will be much -- most of the day. and the storms will arrive. right now it's in the upper 70s. we will jump a good 10 degrees it is in the 90s with the tropical air on top of us. then the stores will get going to the early afternoon. they will get cranked up much like they did yesterday. i am expecting the heaviest rains along 70.-- 75. temperatures possibly to the mid to upper 80s. a big update on hurricane
9:00 am
. live from the station takes action for you this is abc action new. >> >> hurricane matthew a dangerous category four barreling through the caribbean. we will talk about the impacts coming up. >> this area where standing, hurricane hermine hit it hard. a lot of flood damage. fema is here to help but some people still have their doubts. the bay area is once again the center for the fight. joe biden for hillary clinton today, the foe with us -- the focus is the economy. hurricane matthew closes in. the eye of the storm, category four hurricane expected to pass


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